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My Story

Galleta Creates in her studio.jpg
Galleta Creates painting.jpg


My name is Eva Gallego and I am from Barcelona. I have always been a very curious person who is passionate about nature, creating and learning. With my project I have been able to unite my three passions and I have been completely dedicating myself to it for about a year.


My studies are as an Early Childhood Education Teacher specialized in artistic expressions, an aspect that makes me know what children and adults around them want that influence their education and reading. This knowledge and experience working with children also allows me to know what is the best way to present it to them so that they understand it, attracts them and makes them want it.


I am currently creating educational material in downloadable format and working on my work to continue expanding it. I have also created my own products with my illustrations, which I sell in my online store, in physical stores and in markets in which I participate.


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